I work with CEOs and Boards to make difficult change happen.

Getting to the heart of strategic communication.

What I do.

Boards get stuck. Chairs feel isolated. Progress gets stalled. As a consultant and a non-executive director, I know the challenging dynamics of the boardroom. I can work with you to access your Board’s expertise and organise their input so that you can clearly and strategically deliver on critical communications.

My experience across a range of organisations and industry sectors means that I deliver powerful results in both internal and external communications. I coach senior executives to help them develop an authentic communication style, and plot a strategic pathway for leaders who face complex organisational challenges.

“We’re surrounded by people pushing their agendas at us. Just keeping it human, and building a strategy from there, is far more powerful than playing the agenda game.”

Some of my favourite clients.
“I meet an endless array of hosts and facilitators. I can honestly say that Gayle is one of the most insightful and well-researched I’ve come across. She designs a great session, deftly wrangles large audiences, seems to have all the best questions figured out and has the grace and good humour to make a busy speaker feel that all is going well."
Annabel Crabb
Journalist, Author, Broadcaster

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